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 Video SErvices 

What's so special about the Video Services?

Dimelo305 is a fully equipped media production company. A standard videographer works alone to carry out the client's vision. As a production company, Dimelo305 is composed of videographers, photographers, producers, and directors. Whereas a standard videographer may submit their work in a week, Dimelo305 works for the client; the client sets the expectations. ​


Dimelo305 works in conjunction with the client to carry out their vision. With over 20 years of experience, Dimelo305 can produce social media content for any platform.


Event Coverge

Many companies host and participate in a variety of events. In this age of social media, it is vital for companies to capture the essence of these events with high quality video production. Dimelo305 not only has the capability to film event recaps, but we also add interviews as an added bonus. Interviews add another level of personal touch to event coverage footage.



The purpose of a testimonial is to put your customers' words on display through your various marketing campaigns. Customers trust the words of their peers over the words of the company. Additionally, testimonials feel more honest and add a level of authenticity to your company's brand. Dimelo305 can bring testimonials to life by directing, producing, filming, and editing your company's vision. 

_DSC0219 2.JPG


The purpose of a commercial is to convey a message promoting and marketing your service, brand, or product. Commercials can also inform and persuade customers the best of your product/idea. By employing the services of Dimelo305, we can highlight your product/ideas through rigorous filming and editing. 


Video Editing

Another service that Dimelo305 offers is video editing. On occasion, clients may have footage that has not be edited. Perhaps a client may have edited footage that they would like re-edited. Without question, Dimelo305 can revitalize that content to fit your business needs. 


Live Transmissions

Did you know that your business can live stream to a mass audience? Live streaming allows the client to connect with their respective audience in the moment. In the case where the audience may not be able to attend in person, live streaming can fulfill business needs. Dimelo305 production services can edit live so you can connect with your desired audience.


Podcast Productions

In many cases, individuals are beginning to purchase their own podcast equipment. Unequivocally, this can present to be a laborious task. It is not enough to purchase equipment, high quality footage is created under the guidance of a producer, director, and production team. Dimelo305 can satisfy all of your podcast needs, which can also include live streaming. 

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