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 The 305 Truck 

What's so special about the Dimelo305 Truck?

The Dimelo305 truck is perfect for any outdoor event. Unlike a standard DJ, the Dimelo305 is an attractive spectacle that lights up the space. The Dimelo305 truck is equipped with numerous speakers, stage, lights, smoke machine, DJ, and MC. Without a doubt, the Dimelo305 truck can be configured based on the needs of your event.​

The Dimelo305 truck has been utilized for school pep rallys, catastrophic support in Fort Myers, community outreach events, live segments, corporate tailgates, and so much more. The City of Doral, Doral Police Department, and the City of Miami Lakes, are just some of the entities that have enjoyed the presence of the Dimelo305 truck.



The purpose of an activation is to share insight about your company with potential stakeholders. The Dimelo305 truck can amplify the reach of your business. With the use of our screens and PA system, Dimelo305 can be an on-sight ambassador for your business.



It is impossible to be a successful company without advertising. Dimelo305 can take your brand to a different space. The Dimelo305 truck drives 7 times a week in Wynwood, South Beach, and Brickell (4 hours a day). Dimelo305 is happy to highlight your brand throughout the city.

The Dimelo305 truck can also be used at events. Through the PA system, MC, and DJ, the Dimelo305 truck can highlight your brand in any space.


DJ Services

A standard DJ spins and mixes musical genres. Part of what makes Dimelo305 special is our ability to interact and engage with the crowd. The DJs on the Dimelo305 truck mixes appropriate event music while also engaging with the crowd. This is yet another aspect that distinguishes the Dimelo305 truck from a standard DJ.

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