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 About us 

Dimelo305: Capturing Miami’s Vibrant Pulse

Our Goal is to Create Innovative Content.

Step into the streets of Miami, and you’ll find a unique blend of cultures, rhythms, and stories. For over two decades, Dimelo305 has been at the heart of it all, capturing the city’s essence and narrating its tales through dynamic media production. With a rich lineage spanning both Latin America and the United States, we pride ourselves on not just understanding but being an integral part of the Miami narrative.

Our Origin Story

Established in 2021, Dimelo305 wasn’t just another business venture; it was the fruit of passion and dedication for the vibrant Miami community. It's not just about media; it's about weaving the spirit of Miami into every pixel and every frame.

Meet The Trio Behind The Magic

  • Ariel: With roots in Central America and a legacy of producing, recording, and editing over 10 television shows, Ariel carries an impressive two-decade-long production experience that infuses our content with expertise and vision.

  • Elio: With a decorated 11-year tenure in the U.S. Army Special Forces, Elio is the backbone of our operations. Combining his strategic know-how from the forces with his MBA, he steers the financial helm and manages the intricate workings behind the scenes.

  • Gerson: An intellectual powerhouse with a PhD from Florida International University, Gerson dives deep into the philosophical roots of political activism. His prowess not only lies in academic research but also in creating content that resonates with the call for social justice.

While the trio forms the core, the soul of Dimelo305 lies in its dedicated support staff. Comprising a talented brigade of photographers, videographers, editors, and DJs, they ensure our commitment to quality is met every single time.

Our Dual Essence

  1. For Businesses: At the heart of our operations is the creation of white label content tailored for businesses. We bring your brand's voice to life with our media expertise.

  2. For The Streets: We celebrate Miami’s spicy side, churning out entertainment content that’s fun, riveting, and absolutely Miami.

Dimelo305 Creating Content for Business Purpose

Dimelo305 stands as a premier production company uniquely tailored for the modern age, specializing in crafting compelling social media content for businesses. Drawing from our rich experience in expansive productions, we masterfully distill the essence of grand narratives and cinematic techniques into concise, impactful content fit for the fast-paced realm of social media. At Dimelo305, we understand that today's audiences demand both quality and brevity. By converging traditional production values with the dynamism of digital platforms, we empower businesses to tell their stories in the most captivating and relevant manner.

Dimelo305's Promise

"If you can imagine it, we can create it!" Our repertoire, dedication, and Miami's spirit are your canvases. Paint your vision with us, and watch it come alive. Welcome to Dimelo305, where Miami's heartbeat is captured frame by frame.

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