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 Influencer Services

What's so special about the Influencer Services?

The entertainment side of Dimelo305 has its own persona.  Much like an artist, Dimelo305 can be utilized in any space, with any crowd. We can reach any demographic and are well-received by our followers and viewers. The key to our success that we exist both in the physical space and in the digital world. Our electric questions are the tip of the iceberg. Once people realize this, we become even more powerful as a channel to influence. We move in different worlds that regular companies would not be able to navigate, which enables our audience to be diverse and unique.



There are different opportunities for you to work with us and advertise your services or product.  We can do product placements and brand recognition campaigns. Utilizing Dimelo305's network, a large following sees and shares our content. Our content is designed for the incorporated brand to gain brand awareness. Additionally, our goal is to also generate traffic towards the brand's page.


Cross Branding

Our content works mainly because it's fun and relatable to so many people. Cross-branding gives you the best of both worlds. As such, cross branding can automatically expose your brand to our followers. By exposing this content to our followers, your brand becomes memorable.  We have different ways of working; we treat each client differently because every case is unique. Reach out and call us, its truly the best way.


Content Creation

The engine behind Dimelo305 is a production company.  We are not limited as to what can be done to create content. The best part is that our personnel is uniquely qualified to work in any type of environment. We could be at a club, on a yacht, or on a plane. We are ready to create unique and memorable content. The best way to work with us is to create a series of content to be shared for a variety of audiences. Content created will also be provided for companies' personal use.

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