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What's so special about the Dimelo305 BusinessServices?

Dimelo305 understands the struggles companies face in this new age of social media. With this new tool, businesses need to incorporate into their organization a team that can handle all areas of social media. Dimelo305 aims to make social media management not only affordable, but also comprehensible for any business to flourish. Social media, from a business perspective, is used to communicate with team members, and prospects. Social media is a multi-dimensional sensory overload of information that, as a business, you need to manage and handle to achieve its intended purpose. 



Auditing your social media and current strategies is the best way to understand what can be improved. With social media audits, Dimelo305 aims to understand your current ways of creating content, the audience on your social media, and the overall health of your social media accounts. Fake followers and bots have become a big issue, specifically for business accounts. Through our process we are able to identify these areas. From here, we can give our professional insight to address your needs. 


Social Media Curation

Strategically planning how to upload content is vital before even thinking about how to create content. Working on an intentional plan of attack is the first step towards directing your teams to create the best content possible.


Social Media Courses

Many companies already have a social media team in place. Our company offers a comprehensive course that walks you through business social media needs from beginning to end. As always, the goal is to be intentional with postings. We can help your company create a blueprint to understand the intended social media goal and how to achieve it fully.  Understanding the reasons why your social media team creates the way they do can create a more robust social media department. Revamping your social media team is particularly important as social media is constantly evolving.

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